About Us

Mission Statement

At Block Incorporators, we seek to help new and existing businesses integrate Bitcoin Blockchain technology into their record keeping functions, stock ledgers, and point-of-sale systems.


The Block Incorporator Difference

  • We are the only Bitcoin Blockchain Incorporator in Delaware (and perhaps in the U.S. and maybe throughout the world!).
  • To form your entity, we file your paperwork with the Delaware Division of Corporation, then we use the Bitcoin Liquid Network, a purpose built sidechain for issuance of corporate stock shares with the ability to complete private transactions, assign future ownership, and many other features that meet the criteria for the Delaware Blockchain Initiative.
  • We're the market disruptors who have fully integrated Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL) Sections 219 and 224 (the Blockchain Amendments) into our service offerings.
  • Built by Bitcoiners for the greater good of the community. We're security-forward and privacy-focused. The Bitcoin blockchain is the LARGEST, MOST-DECENTRALIZED blockchain, with no central authority and over 45,000 nodes supporting the network.

About the Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of Block Incorporators, KD Pilichowski, has spent her professional career of 16-years as a technical writer for government contracts and negotiations. She has been active in the Bitcoin community since 2014. Fueled by the Delaware Blockchain Initiative, in August 2022 she began pushing to disrupt Delaware's antiquated business incorporation and formation industry. Merging her technical background and prime location, this Delaware native is spearheading the Delaware Blockchain Initiative for the 1.97 million businesses that register in Delaware for the benefits of the case law and Chancery Court, which dates back to 1792. Krista's unique approach focuses on the transfer of stocks, units, and formation documents to the Bitcoin Liquid side-chain, a purpose built solution for stock and securities that promotes security without sacrificing privacy.