Delaware Blockchain Initiative


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The digital economy is coming upon us quickly, and Blockchain is the future. Take complete control and ownership of your business, blockchain style. Move at the speed of spreadsheet required.

With the Delaware Blockchain Initiative signed into law, the 1.97 million businesses registered in Delaware can take advantage of the Bitcoin Liquid Network to manage Articles of Incorporation, Stock Certificates and Shares, meeting minutes, and more from the comfort of your phone.


The Delaware Blockchain Initiative

The Delaware Blockchain Initiative, launched in 2016, aims to position Delaware as a hub for blockchain innovation and business. This initiative is considered critical to the future of business for several reasons:

  • Legal clarity: Delaware is known for its favorable business laws, and the blockchain initiative provides legal clarity for companies that use blockchain technology. This legal clarity helps businesses operate with confidence and reduces uncertainty, making Delaware an attractive location for blockchain companies.
  • Cost savings: By using blockchain technology, companies can reduce costs associated with traditional business processes. This cost savings can lead to increased competitiveness and improved bottom lines for companies, making Delaware a more attractive location for business.
  • Improved efficiency: The decentralized nature of blockchain technology can greatly improve the efficiency of business processes. Transactions can be processed faster and with greater transparency, which can improve the overall business climate in Delaware.
  • Innovation: By being at the forefront of blockchain innovation, Delaware has the opportunity to attract innovative companies and entrepreneurs who are looking to leverage this technology. This can drive economic growth and create new jobs in the state.

Overall, the Delaware Blockchain Initiative is seen as critical to the future of business because it provides a supportive environment for companies to use blockchain technology, which can drive cost savings, improved efficiency, and innovation.