Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Is my business required to use Bitcoin?

No, your business is not required to use Bitcoin, and you can operate "business as usual". Only your stock certificates / units are stored on the Bitcoin Liquid Blockchain.

Is my stock price based on the Bitcoin price?

Nope! Your stock on the Bitcoin Liquid Blockchain represents your percentage of ownership in your business, which is enforced by the Bitcoin rules.

How is my business valued?

Your business is valued in USD, GBP, EUR or the domestic currency where your operations are located. It's business as usual if you're on a fiat standard (USD, EUR, GBP, YEN, etc.).

How do I accept Bitcoin payments from my customers?

Block Incorporators can assist your business with accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning payments. From simple wallet setup to integration with your current point-of-sale system, we offer an array of custom professional services to meet your businesses needs.

How do I convert my Bitcoin to cash?

The simplest solution is Strike Wallet, a free app available for download or iPhone and Android devices. This is a Know Your Customer (KYC) wallet that requires verification with a government ID. It's also the same wallet that is used in El Salvador (the 1st country to use Bitcoin as a national currency).